Dear friend,

you are very welcome to my blog, where I show the postcards and the stamps that I have received since I started to swap cards through internet two years ago. I try to learn and to improve my english and other languages thanks to the postcards and the letters that I write and read from different people around the world. So, if you read something on this blog that is wrong, please contact with me and I will correct it.

Some “instructions” to surf through the blog:

1.- There are different main categories on the top: Postcards, Stamps or Beyond postcards (where I post everything what is not a card but have a kind of relation: messages, events, …).
2.- Below you can investigate the different thems through the tags or through another catogories like maps, architecture, art, …

Thanks a lot for reading me and enjoy the blog.

You can see my whole collection here


A little bit of my history: