Monday of stamps (VII)

Dear friend,

don’t be worry. I have more countries in my collection of stamps. Take a look:

From South Korea:


From USA:


From Finland:

0 00002 00003

From Greece:





Monday of stamps (IV)

Hello my friend,

another Monday to show you the stamps of the shared postcards =).

From Germany:


Great cancelation of the Cathedral of Erfurt

From the Netherlands:


Completely in love with the stamp of Van Gogh


From Czech Republic:

0 1 2

From Russia:

00001 00002 00003

I am trying to put in order my whole collection, but in the future I will share more information about the cards, the stamps and the cancellations.

Best wishes,

Monday of stamps (II)

Hey friend!

I am here again with more stamps! As the last time, I show the stamps glued on the shown postcards until now. But I do not repeat the ones which have the same motifs.

From Germany:


Stamp with the Saxon Switzerland

Stamp of Dresden with the Elbe River


Stamp of the lighthouse Staberhuk, situated on the island of Fehmarn (Germany)

From Spain:


Stamp of the current king of Spain, Felipe VI


Stamp of gastronomic products, here Saffron from Castilla-La Mancha


Mondays of stamps

My friend,

I am not a collector of stamps, but it is truth that I also enjoy receiving nice and original stamps. Today I show you the stamps received with the postcards showed until now.

From Spain

sellos españa0002 sellos españa0005

Two stamps of Paco de Lucía (spanish artist)

The first one has no cancellation. Have you ever receive a postcard without cancellation? To me happens a lot with cards from Spain.

sellos españa0001sellos españa0003 sellos españa0004  sellos españa0006

Four stamps of the 25th anniversary of CNTsellos españa0007

Two stamps of the old king of Spain, Juan Carlos I
Two stamps of Don Quijote de la Macha

The last stamp is my favourite. It is the result of the Competition organized every year by the spanish post, where everybody can send his or her designs for a stamp.

From Rusia

Sincerely yours,