Friday full of cool messages (III)

Dear friend,

cool messages as I defined in this blog are not so common. But I received a new one few days ago:

00001 00002

Best wishes,


Monday of stamps (IV)

Hello my friend,

another Monday to show you the stamps of the shared postcards =).

From Germany:


Great cancelation of the Cathedral of Erfurt

From the Netherlands:


Completely in love with the stamp of Van Gogh


From Czech Republic:

0 1 2

From Russia:

00001 00002 00003

I am trying to put in order my whole collection, but in the future I will share more information about the cards, the stamps and the cancellations.

Best wishes,

Art and architecture

Dear friend,

my favourite topic of postcards is ARCHITECTURE. I am an architect hahaha, so,it is logic, right?

On 16th August arrived from Spain this great card of the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao (Spain). Outside sights with two great works. I do not know how long it was travelling.


Be happy,

P.D.: The address was completely wrong written, but it arrived safe and sound. Miracle!