Greetings from…

Oh my dear friend,

I confess today. Yes, I was one of the obsessed people with that collection of GF… My first one was GF Germany. All of them received from origin. But then… it started to be a competition, to be a confrontation. With people demanding unfair swaps and ignoring to other people only for reasons of nationalities.

I decided to buy the rest and keep them unwritten. They are only excuses to visit some of the countries.

From Germany, 14th January 2015. Only 1 day travelling.




Monday of stamps (V)

Dear friend,

I can’t forget to show some of the received stamps! Here you are Germany, USA and Australia:

From Germany:


The lighthouse of Staberhuk

From USA:


The beautiful Moon

From Australia:

The cancellation is great. Behind the crocodile stamp there is another one but it is imposible to separate sadly.

Best wishes,