Greetings from…

Oh my dear friend,

I confess today. Yes, I was one of the obsessed people with that collection of GF… My first one was GF Germany. All of them received from origin. But then… it started to be a competition, to be a confrontation. With people demanding unfair swaps and ignoring to other people only for reasons of nationalities.

I decided to buy the rest and keep them unwritten. They are only excuses to visit some of the countries.

From Germany, 14th January 2015. Only 1 day travelling.




Handgiven cards

Hello my friend,

I was so excited with all the postcards received on 10th August that I forgot the card received the previous day. The special thing with this postcard is that the writer didn’t send it, because she didn’t know my address but she knew about my devotion to the cards. She bought it and write it during her holiday, but on 9th August she gave it in my hand.

I guess we could say that the postcard travelled from Austria to Germany. How long was it travelling is unknow. It shows the city of Salzburg, which I have never visited but it is in my wishlist. The city of Mozart!


P.D.:  I don’t collect multiviews usually because I don’t like them, but what I really appreciate is that this person thought about me and spent a little time of her holiday for me.