Dear friend,

On 3rd August my friends visited Weimar and they know about my love for this place. There is where I met my fiancé and where I was living during an intensive year. I learnt a lot about people, cultures and architecture.

They sent me then some cards they thought I would like. And they were completely right!

Received on 4th August, from Germany, 1 days travelling.


I share them in this gallery:


P.D.: A perfectly postcard-day. The messages are the best I have ever read before.


Dear friend,

yesterday was a productive day in my mailbox. Here I share four cards more that arrived and are related. All of them come from Spain. Three started their trips in July and the last one on 1st August. They spent between 10-13 days travelling.











Four b/w pictures showing traditions of Andalucia, in the South of Spain: flamenco and bullfighting.

Sincerely yours,

P.D. Curiosity: Two of them have parts of the text “The big kahuna”, the others have personal messages. All were sent by the same person.