Friday full of cool messages (III)

Dear friend,

cool messages as I defined in this blog are not so common. But I received a new one few days ago:

00001 00002

Best wishes,


Monthly a card

Dear friend,

4th April 2016 I received that nice postcard according to the current month:

4_4 Mayo 2016

It came from Spain, but I don’t remember how long it was travelling.

And as this one, every month I received a card of this beautiful serie:

Tuesday sending postcards (II)

Hello my friend,

two weeks ago I decided to write a card every day. I try to do my best always for sending the perfect postcard to each person. I hope they like them. These are the postcards sent from 15th August to 30th August:

Finlandia 15agosto

15th August to Finland
Rusia 16agosto2016

16th August to Russia

Noruega 17agosto2016

17th August to Norway


18th August to Czech Republic


19th August to Australia


20th August to Australia


21st August to Australia


22nd August to UK


23rd August to Spain


24th August to Spain


25th August to Germany


26th August to Germany


27th August to USA


28th August to Lithuania 00001

29th August to the Czech Republic


30th August to Spain
0000431st August to USA

Tuesday sending postcards

Dear friend,

you had reason. It is a good idea showing the postcards that I send to the rest of the world. I am participating in a Round Robin (RR), all groups are handmade cards and the topic changes. Each group has 4 members, so I send 3 postcards and receive 3 in exchange.

Here you are my participation in the calligraphy group. I need to practice a little bit more, but I was excited with the result.

handmade0001 handmade0002 handmade0003

Best wishes,

P.D.: They went to Germany, Poland and Taiwan

So simple

Dear friend,

on 13th August I received another postcard, sent from Germany, spending 1 day travelling. I find it wonderful. Another kind of cards that I collect is the one which shows handlettering. I try to practice a little bit, so I use them to copy and learn.


But the nicest thing was that she sent me few seeds (I ask for them on my official profile on Postcrossing). I will plant them as soon as possible. Exciting!



P.D.: Sent from the official website Postcrossing.
P.D.2: I sent few handmade cards practicing my handlettering, I will show you soon.