Tuesday sending postcards

Dear friend,

sometimes I think the best what I can send are pictures of the city where I live. Because for me are really good knowed places and I can explain them better to the new friends.

Lately I sent that two:

Enviada por mi

29th August to Finland. The russian church.

Enviada por yo

30th August to Germany. Cafe Riquet.

Best wishes,



My dear friend,

during two days in a row two postcards with the same format arrived at home. Postcards imitating Polaroid photos. Many editorials print this sort of cards and people like me are amazed with them.

10th August and 11th August, 15 and 16 days travelling, from Spain.










Both are photographies about the process of dressing of a bullfighter or torero.


Sent on 26th July, arrival on 5th August, from Spain, 11 days travelling. Here a view of the Alhambra (Granada, Spain), UNESCO site.


6th August, from Germany, 2 days travelling. Collection PolaCARD

Best wishes,

P.D.: These spanish ones are made by Ediciones ASANGRE