Colour the World

Hey my friend!

Do you know this postcards? Postcards to be coloured by yourself =).

This one is made by My postcard was travelling for 12 days from Granada (Spain), arriving on 10th August.


In total I have 5 postcards like this one, that I will be showing on my blog, with scenes of the city of Granada. Here you can see the Cathedral and Bib-Rambla square.


a0002 (2)

This one arrived before on 5th August, from Spain, after 10 days travelling. This is the Albaicín (UNESCO site).

Sincerely yours,

P.D.: I have no time to colour it! I need help!


Deluxe postcards

Dear friend,

the famous 10th August this beautiful postcard below was found in my mailbox. It came from Spain, namely Granada, and was incredibly for 35 days travelling.


The postcard is part of a serie of works painted originally by Juan A. Carmona García del Real. In really good quality, I love the kind of paper.

Be happy,

P.D.: So many days travelling, the reason probably was the holiday. The post office would have not the whole personal, so they only send the priority post.