Monday of stamps (VI)

My friend,

today I will show you only german stamps. I think they are enough for today:

0 00001 1 00002 2 3 00004 540002 540003 550002 550003



Monday of stamps (V)

Dear friend,

I can’t forget to show some of the received stamps! Here you are Germany, USA and Australia:

From Germany:


The lighthouse of Staberhuk

From USA:


The beautiful Moon

From Australia:

The cancellation is great. Behind the crocodile stamp there is another one but it is imposible to separate sadly.

Best wishes,

Selfprinted cards

Dear friend,

on 22nd August I received a postcard with a photography made the writer. Many people do not like that, but this is not my case. Why not? Why a postcard bought at a shop is better that another you printer in a professional shop? I have seen many with much better quality that the sold ones in a touristic shop.

prueba latvia