Summer holidays

Hello friend,

this year I took part in a group of people who enjoy sending postcards on holiday. We sent postcards on Christmas and we decided that this operation would be also nice in Summer. Why not? Sending postcards explaining our vacations. All participants are spanish and usually do not travel very far away.

Here the cards arrived on 10th and 11th August from Spain and USA. The strange situation is that the two cards from Spain were 28 days travelling and the one from USA only 11 days travelling.


received0001 received0002


P.D.: All of them show beautiful cities: Santander, Los Ángeles and Fromista (in the James’ Way).


Ad cards

Hello friend,

I’m back again. The life is unpredictable and sometimes we don’t know what we will be doing next week or next two days. Anyway I’m here to show some of the postcards that full my postbox.

Many people don’t like the ad cards, I’m not in. I find usually great ad cards. I pick up them for my collection. But today one arrived to my postbox. Directly from Spain.


It is an illustration made by Javier Mariscal and announces the music festival of Santander, celebrated on 4th, 5th and 6th August 2016. The list of participating groups appears on the back of the postcard: Bunbury, Love of Lesbian, Zahara, …

I wish you all the best,


P.D. Curiosity: My name was wrong written Estabilz xD. It was sent by my aunt.