Month of September II

Dear friend,

I talked you about the lotterie I won last month. I was really happy because I won it twice: one at the german Forum, and the second at the spanish one.

Yesteday I showed the german ones. Here you are the spanish postcards:

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Enjoy it!



Greetings from…

Oh my dear friend,

I confess today. Yes, I was one of the obsessed people with that collection of GF… My first one was GF Germany. All of them received from origin. But then… it started to be a competition, to be a confrontation. With people demanding unfair swaps and ignoring to other people only for reasons of nationalities.

I decided to buy the rest and keep them unwritten. They are only excuses to visit some of the countries.

From Germany, 14th January 2015. Only 1 day travelling.



Happy weekend

Dear friend,

I enjoy a lot Saturdays. It is time to rest, to go for a walk and to breakfast in a nice terrace. And then you go back home and open your mailbox to find this beauty:

Horizontal Belgien Vertical Spain Vertical UK


P.D.: The one from Spain is part of the “Summer cards project” that I told you once. The rest are sent through the official website of Postcrossing

Tuesday sending postcards (II)

Hello my friend,

two weeks ago I decided to write a card every day. I try to do my best always for sending the perfect postcard to each person. I hope they like them. These are the postcards sent from 15th August to 30th August:

Finlandia 15agosto

15th August to Finland
Rusia 16agosto2016

16th August to Russia

Noruega 17agosto2016

17th August to Norway


18th August to Czech Republic


19th August to Australia


20th August to Australia


21st August to Australia


22nd August to UK


23rd August to Spain


24th August to Spain


25th August to Germany


26th August to Germany


27th August to USA


28th August to Lithuania 00001

29th August to the Czech Republic


30th August to Spain
0000431st August to USA

Summer holidays

Hello friend,

this year I took part in a group of people who enjoy sending postcards on holiday. We sent postcards on Christmas and we decided that this operation would be also nice in Summer. Why not? Sending postcards explaining our vacations. All participants are spanish and usually do not travel very far away.

Here the cards arrived on 10th and 11th August from Spain and USA. The strange situation is that the two cards from Spain were 28 days travelling and the one from USA only 11 days travelling.


received0001 received0002


P.D.: All of them show beautiful cities: Santander, Los Ángeles and Fromista (in the James’ Way).

Monday of stamps (II)

Hey friend!

I am here again with more stamps! As the last time, I show the stamps glued on the shown postcards until now. But I do not repeat the ones which have the same motifs.

From Germany:


Stamp with the Saxon Switzerland

Stamp of Dresden with the Elbe River


Stamp of the lighthouse Staberhuk, situated on the island of Fehmarn (Germany)

From Spain:


Stamp of the current king of Spain, Felipe VI


Stamp of gastronomic products, here Saffron from Castilla-La Mancha



My dear friend,

during two days in a row two postcards with the same format arrived at home. Postcards imitating Polaroid photos. Many editorials print this sort of cards and people like me are amazed with them.

10th August and 11th August, 15 and 16 days travelling, from Spain.










Both are photographies about the process of dressing of a bullfighter or torero.


Sent on 26th July, arrival on 5th August, from Spain, 11 days travelling. Here a view of the Alhambra (Granada, Spain), UNESCO site.


6th August, from Germany, 2 days travelling. Collection PolaCARD

Best wishes,

P.D.: These spanish ones are made by Ediciones ASANGRE

Colour the World

Hey my friend!

Do you know this postcards? Postcards to be coloured by yourself =).

This one is made by My postcard was travelling for 12 days from Granada (Spain), arriving on 10th August.


In total I have 5 postcards like this one, that I will be showing on my blog, with scenes of the city of Granada. Here you can see the Cathedral and Bib-Rambla square.


a0002 (2)

This one arrived before on 5th August, from Spain, after 10 days travelling. This is the Albaicín (UNESCO site).

Sincerely yours,

P.D.: I have no time to colour it! I need help!