Month of September II

Dear friend,

I talked you about the lotterie I won last month. I was really happy because I won it twice: one at the german Forum, and the second at the spanish one.

Yesteday I showed the german ones. Here you are the spanish postcards:

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Enjoy it!



Greetings from…

Oh my dear friend,

I confess today. Yes, I was one of the obsessed people with that collection of GF… My first one was GF Germany. All of them received from origin. But then… it started to be a competition, to be a confrontation. With people demanding unfair swaps and ignoring to other people only for reasons of nationalities.

I decided to buy the rest and keep them unwritten. They are only excuses to visit some of the countries.

From Germany, 14th January 2015. Only 1 day travelling.



Spetial edition: International Kite Festival

My dear friend,

it seems that Internet give me a break and let me post something. I will “celebrate” this moment of Megas showing you one of the postcards found in my mailbox just today:


I received it from a short 8-days trip, directly from the Pacific coast to Europe. Such a great postcard of the International Kite Festival celebrated in Long Beach (WA).

I was very happy. When I was a child, my brother and me had an eagle-form Kite and we used to go to the beach in Cádiz (Spain) with it. This memory came to my mind few weeks ago, and I started to build a new one for me. But my intution tells that it won’t work.

Cross my fingers.

Be happy people!


Dear friend,

I have a second username on the official website, because my boyfriend wanted also to receive nice cards but he is very lazy. So I did it as a couple profile whit his interests. I use less frequently, from time to time I send a card and receive another one in exchange.

The last one was this of Fountain Hills in Arizona. It came on 16th August, from USA, 6 days travelling.


On the back side you can read the following information:

Fountain Hills has the world’s fouth tallest fountain. The fountain sprays water for about 15 minutes every hour between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Under ideal conditions it can reach 560 ft. in height. When built, it was the world’s tallest fountain and held that record for over a decade.


P.D.: It is funny for me reading the temperature in ºF, not in ºC. And the distance in ft. not in m. But it is really interesting.

Summer holidays

Hello friend,

this year I took part in a group of people who enjoy sending postcards on holiday. We sent postcards on Christmas and we decided that this operation would be also nice in Summer. Why not? Sending postcards explaining our vacations. All participants are spanish and usually do not travel very far away.

Here the cards arrived on 10th and 11th August from Spain and USA. The strange situation is that the two cards from Spain were 28 days travelling and the one from USA only 11 days travelling.


received0001 received0002


P.D.: All of them show beautiful cities: Santander, Los Ángeles and Fromista (in the James’ Way).