Weddings (II)

Hello my friend,

I continue showing postcard with the topic “wedding”, because I am receiving many congratulations. Although some cards are not directly related, so I get the obvious ones.

Today are two postcards, from Germany and Russia. I have my favourite but I won’t say it.

munecos-tarta wedding

Bouth came through the official website of Postcrossing. I find this web a great idea to connect people and cultures. I am learning a lot about the world.




Hello friend,

I will get married next year. So on my official profile on Postcrossing I asked for postcards related with this topic.

On 4th August I received this one from Czech Republic, after 3 days travelling.


I will make an album only with this postcards.

Best wishes,

P.D.: The sender will get married also, and they will celebrate it in an Observatory!!! The best idea I have heard!